Handling and Disposal of Special Waste Materials in Chemical Laboratories

Chemical laboratories consume materials having potential hazards such as corrosive chemicals, compressed gases and flammable solvents, etc. Safe handling and disposal
practices for such materials are adequately covered in common guidelines. However, besides such products potentially hazardous materials are often handled in such premises which include radioactive isotopes, materials

Such materials require specialized handling and disposal practices as they are often carcinogenic or cause untold damage over a period of time. The harm is not restricted to the laboratory worker but can even be passed on to future generations if handled recklessly . In this article, the storage and disposal of such materials is dealt with to some extent.


Package same in cellophane bags and bury properly in the ground in the bush area for non radioactive waste only, refer to disposal method on MSDS. for harmful chemicals  

Note: all Waste chemical products sent for disposal should be correctly packaged and labeled.

Wash down the drains with excess water the followings:

Concentrated and dilute acids and alkalis, harmless soluble inorganic salts such as sodium and potassium chlorides. 

All radioactive waste must be transferred to Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) for disposal.

Do not dispose of radioactive waste in regular trash cans or pour it down drain

Separate all wastes by isotope and physical form.

Note: EH&S considers uranium and thorium compounds such as nitrates and acetates to be radioactive. However, they should be contained separately from other radioactive wastes.

Designate a specific location for the storage of radioactive waste.
Post the area and label each collection container with a RADIOACTIVE warning symbol.

Use appropriate shielding where applicable.
Give special shielding consideration to high-activity or high-energy isotopes such as orthophosphate. Notify EH&S when generating this type of waste.

Refer to storage method in manufacturer's MSDS 

Attach a completed hazardous waste tag to each container in the radioactive waste storage area.

Keep containers closed, except when material is being added. Make sure the container and bag exteriors are free of contamination.

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