Difference between Amorphous Solids and Crystalline Solids


Amorphous Solids
Crystalline Solids
1. They don't have definite     geometrical shape.
They have characteristic geometrical shape
2. Amorphous solids don't have      particular melting point. They melt      over a wide range of temperature.
They have sharp melting point
3. Physical properties of amorphous      solids are same in different      direction,i.e. amorphous solids are      isotropic
Physical properties of crystalline solids are different in different directions. This phenomenon is known as Anisotropy.
4. Amorphous solids are unsymmetrical
When crystalline solids are rotated about an axis, their appearance does not change. This  shows that they are symmetrical
5. Amorphous solids don't break at fixed cleavage planes.
Crystalline solids cleavage along particular direction at fixed cleavage planes.

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